Ask Me Anything (AMA) Watch Party with GameTree Founder and CEO John Uke

John Uke, Founder and CEO GameTree

March 2, 2021

John Uke, the Founder and CEO of our partner GameTree, is passionate about gaming, computer science, and psychology.

And that’s what makes his social network for gamers so unique and exciting right now. GameTree helps gamers find new friends and discover new games by combining the science of psychology and personality tests with machine learning. 

John joins us on Sunday for an Ask Me Anything watch party where he will share an overview of GameTree’s vision, roadmap, and discuss UwU dating, the new dating app designed specifically for gamers. 

Ask him about leaving San Francisco to launch a startup in Ukraine. Ask him about player psychology and compatibility. Ask him about his favorite game to play. 

Then, we will watch/hype together a video covering the most anticipated games of 2021.

To join John for his AMA watch party, make sure you have Hearo installed on your phone or PC so you can watch and talk in sync with crystal clear voice chat.

Party Schedule

  • Watch party opens at 10:45 AM PT
  • Watch party starts at 11:00 AM PT
  • Watch party ends at 12:30 PM PT

What to Expect

Read on for details on what to bring (besides popcorn and a tasty beverage) and what to expect at John’s Ask Me Anything Watch Party.

  1. Make sure you have Hearo installed on your device (phone or PC) before the watch party starts. Hearo works on iOS, Android, macOS, and Window
  2. Click this link to enter the party:
  3. Hearo works best with headphones/earphones/earbuds. This eliminates echo and other audio feedback.

Watch Party Rules

We want you and other guests to enjoy the watch party. When you enter the party, you agree to the rules below.

  1. If you're not actively talking, please mute your line.
  2. If it's loud and noisy where you are, mute your line.
  3. If the host asks you to mute your line, mute it immediately.
  4. If the host asks you to mute your line three times, you may be dropped from the party. You'll still be able to watch by yourself or in your own party.
  5. No selling, pitching, or self-promotion during the watch party.
  6. If you want to have a continuous conversation with other attendees, you should start your own separate watch party on Hearo.

Watch Party Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hearo?

Hearo is a free app for co-watching TV channels like FOX, ABC, CBS, ESPN, and video services like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ and more while you talk with friends on voice chat or text chat. The experience feels like you're sharing a big cozy couch together.


How do I join the watch party?

  1. Get Hearo for your phone or PC at
  2. Create a username
  3. Grab earbuds, earphones, or headphones to listen and talk.
  4. On Sunday, March 7 at 11:00 AM PT, use the party link -- -- to launch Hearo and open the party.
  5. Once you're at the party, you’re all set!


Who is hosting the watch party?

The party is hosted by the John Uke, Founder, and CEO of our partner GameTree, the gamer social network.


Who will be at the watch party?

This watch party is a public event. You can come by yourself and meet other Hearoes, or invite friends to join you.


Do I need an account to join the party?

Yes. All party participants must create a free Hearo account to join the party.


I'm stuck. Can I get some help, please?

For issues please email us at or visit our Discord server.

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